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Umbra Detectius Umbra Detectius Methodology


As a company, we follow a strict and professional methodology in every investigation.

We offer cordial, professional and excellent services and are available to advise you on the cost as well as the most optimal and efficient way to conduct the investigation. We always make a personalized budget in advance, free of charge.

First of all, you describe your case in order for Umbra’s investigators to prepare a study, carry out an action plan and make a budget.

Once you have accepted, we sign a confidentiality agreement with you for delivering services. This confirms our agreement which will be fulfilled by appropriate legal action. Then we analyse and study possible methods of investigation, advising and of suggesting you the most appropriate option according to your case. Afterwards, we will appoint the professionals and choose the appropriate resources depending on the nature of the case.

We go with you and are always present during the course of the investigation while also providing you with support. We always remain available to contact and will inform you at every step of the investigation process and its progress.

Each investigation includes a written report in which enquiries and obtained documents are reflected through photos and videos. Every document is valuable and can be used as evidence at Courts and Tribunals. The current Spanish Law 23/1992 about Private Security and its regulations specifies that the private investigators be the only authorized persons to research, testify and present the investigation at any court. Our agency will appear in court if required to present the report as qualified evidence and to answer any questions asked.